Delivers fastest cut speeds and lowest operating costs available for 200-amp oxygen plasma.

The Hypertherm™ HT2000 has a trouble free track record. The expanded Hypertherm™ HT2000 consumable life. The relatively slag free cut you will experience with the Hypertherm™ HT2000. The Hypertherm™ HT2000 upgrade that will have you up and running in approximately three days with complete operator and maintenance training.

The dual gas HySpeed HT2000 and HYSpeed HT2000LHF operate with conventional consumables for optimal results on the broadest spectrum of material types and thicknesses. The HySpeed HT2000 and HySpeed HT2000LHF oxygen plasma cutting systems now utilize Hypertherm’s patented Coaxial-assist™ jet technology to boost cutting speeds as much as 50% over conventional designs.

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